7 new cassettes will be out in a few weeks on my Bridgetown label, but if you live in Southern California and want first dibs, I'm playing this house show on Saturday:

Cat House / 531 W. Alton, unit B, Santa Ana, CA - 6 PM / barbecue before / bring donations for touring act
w/ Adam Lipman


I'm excited to present two shows in Southern California for Julie Byrne this March. She's a good pal, amazing songwriter and among the most captivating musicians I've seen live. Seeing her perform in candlelight at my friend Dan's third floor Chicago apartment, fill the cavernous chamber of Human Resources in Los Angeles and finding old postcards she sent to buddies in Buffalo after hearing her first tape on Teen River are all great memories. I'm grateful for the opportunity to book these shows at two of my favorite spaces here. Hopefully you can come see a piece of music/video I've rarely shared in LA, and witness a performance from a hard working friend.
3/7/2013 @ Blood Orange Infoshop - 7:30 PM / $5 / all ages
[3485 University Ave. #2, Riverside, CA]
w/ Julie Byrne (Seattle), LABS (San Francisco), Velvet Penny
[poster by Thea Rhodes]

3/8/2013 @ Pehrspace - 9 PM / $5 / all ages
[325 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA]
w/ Julie Byrne (Seattle), LABS (San Francisco), Emily Reo
[poster by Cameron Hostetter]


Thank you / New 7"

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this past tour in any way. There really are no words for what happened over the past five months. How do you explain the greatest time of your life when asked as a mere formality?

How does a sentence capture the feeling of playing a show nearly every night in such varied circumstances, or making best friends with people you may never meet again, or the joy of discovering deep humor in everything, or the infinite nuances that make each day so different and so similar to those before it?

I'm grateful that this tour happened exactly as it did, that I could travel with my great friends Jack, Spencer, Bryce, Alex, Luke and Jenny, that the maze of logistics and planning more or less worked out as intended, that so many folks helped out with opportunities to perform, transportation, food, equipment and places to sleep. It's hard to believe that by abstracting things I can't word into music, people out there understand it in some way and want to help. Mostly, I'm grateful that I'm able to do this at all, to see America from a perspective that few know exists, and to be aware that this isn't some grand undertaking I did on my own. It's not just my tour when it's something that is only possible with help from hundreds, maybe thousands of people who each contribute in their own way with their presence. Thank you to all of you, even the folks that weren't physically present. I'll see you again.

My newest release is a song titled "Probably Tomorrow" on a 4-way split 7" with Reighnbeau, Torn Humorist and Light Light that can now be ordered from Family Time Records. This might be the most upbeat and optimistic piece I've released and is more appropriate for me now than ever. The three other tracks on this record are truly amazing, and are my favorite songs by longtime friends that are continually pushing what they're doing with each release.


"Betrayed by the Angels" 12" Available

Bridgetown #100
Kevin Greenspon / Former Selves
"Betrayed by the Angels" / "Apropos of Golden Dreams" 12" vinyl LP


Albums Available at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art

Several releases on Bridgetown and my solo albums are now available at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.


Bridgetown Summer Batch Out Now

I just released 9 new cassettes for old friends and new favorites on my label today. For more info and ordering, visit http://www.bridgetownrecords.info

BRIDGETOWN SUMMER 2013 BATCH: (download free mixtape here)
#99: Cousins Bathhouse cassette
#98: Hausu Total cassette [co-release with Hardly Art]
#97: Mariposa Holy Ghost cassette
#96: Brahms shimmer//suffocate cassette
#95: No Paws Healthy Men cassette
#94: Nicole Kidman Lost At The Mall cassette
#93: R. Sawyer Attention cassette
#92: Hollow Sunshine New Light cassette
#91: Widesky Flotsam cassette


Bridgetown Spring Batch Out Now

7 new albums for good friends are now available on my label today. Each release can be listened to in full at http://www.bridgetownrecords.info.

BRIDGETOWN SPRING 2013 BATCH: (download free mixtape here)
#90: School Knights Lethargy cassette
#89: Reighnbeau Friends cassette
#88: Torn Humorist Everyone Works So Hard cassette
#87: Lavas Magmas INT.eruption cassette
#86: N O W Are You New Age? CDr/cassette
#84: Paper Armies Tell Me To Give Up cassette
#82: Derek Rogers Don't Stop Bereaving cassette


Q&A Interview / Bandcamp

I just finished up a Q&A interview for Sound Colour Vibration. This one discusses the mentality and approach towards writing music, running a label, and being a part of the DIY community.

Lately I've been uploading my releases to my Bandcamp so that people can download them if they are sold out, or if they would prefer to have digital files. Around 70 of the 100 releases on Bridgetown are up at bridgetownrecords.bandcamp.com as well.

Today, a new review of my "Common Objects" 12" LP surfaced out of the blue. I'm particularly pumped on how the reviewer interpreted the record and on the song choice. There are a few copies of the vinyl still available from Family Time Records.


U.S. Tour Blog From Last Year

I just started writing a pretty detailed blog about my last U.S. solo tour. This one was 82 days long and went through three dozen states. There are a ton of small towns, bands and places off the beaten path that I wanted to expose and share so that more bands will go back through them or get pumped to keep doing what they're doing. The shows were everywhere: colleges, punk houses, bluegrass festivals, rooftops, Zumba studios... with all kinds of bands: shoegaze, harsh noise, folk, ambient, hardcore, pop, etc.

Read here: http://bridgetownrecords.tumblr.com/tagged/tour-blog

If you're into traveling, playing music, being a goofball, learning about cool spaces and hearing some new music, check the blog out. It's all about returning to the random moments that stick in your head months later and sharing a couple pictures, videos and stories. The positive things that we all strive for.


New Mixtape for Workin' Nights Blog

I was thinking for awhile about what I'd want to put on a mix that would probably be heard mostly by strangers, about how to reflect who I am in a collection of approximately one dozen songs, about what I'd want to hear if I was driving far away and found some mix I made when there was nothing else to listen to, about what I'd want to show people that I was hanging out with for the first and possibly last time.

It feels like making mixes for people can be so difficult when there is so much out there and the nuances of what you select can speak volumes, and what wouldn't fit can seem like a void that won't be filled until the next mix you make.

Looking through photos, I started thinking about a moment in September: driving around the forest outside of Portland, Maine to the cabin of new pals where I'd sleep for the night, and how I might never drive this far from Los Angeles ever again in my life. About what it would be like only having one mix in the stereo to get me back home, to make copies of for people I'd be meeting along the way.

That's when choosing these songs became really easy.

Here are 15 songs by bands and people from across the USA that have shaped me in real ways, in real life. People that I've traveled hundreds or thousands of miles with, locals who blew minds at every show they played in town and hung out all the nights they didn't play. One-time strangers that offered a meal and a couch to sleep on, who have inspired me at shows we played in places like Milwaukee, Oakland, New Jersey, Albuquerque, Chicago and Colorado. People that I was flat out excited to finally be meeting in person after loving their tapes and records.

This mix is for them and all the other amazing artists I couldn't fit into approximately one dozen songs.
And for sharing with everyone else I've met on the road, or might not ever.


Mix 69: Months In a Car, Alone With Your Friends
01 Gelatin Kids - 66 Bus
02 Familiar Haunts - Valium
03 John Thill - Vacant Lot Blues
04 Torn Humorist - Harass Aria
05 Reighnbeau - Splinters
06 M. Sage - Motion Dazzle ii
07 Teaadora - Heart is Sold
08 Splinter Cake - Proud Partner
09 Sky Stadium - Blend Into The Horizon
10 Nicole Kidman - Youth & Love
11 Former Selves- Echolalia
12 Cousins - The Web and the Rock
13 BYODeath - Snowy Eyes
14 Stupid Bummed - Fake Memories
15 Chauchat - When I Was Young I Wanted To Do Great Things
Photo by Kevin Greenspon, taken at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine 9/11/2012 Click here to download the mix.